I have been very quiet for such a long time, dunno why, at least my tweets were shown …

last weekend i was home in le to celebrate Bettis 25th. Gosh she is old now *lol* my little nephew grew a lot since march … sadly i have seen him only for probably 3 hours the whole weekend ;( … my granny is okay, she forgets a lot and you have to say a lot of things more than twice but at least she is fit physically …

i downgraded my wordpress to 2.9, as 3.0 wont let me import all those entries from my livejournal.

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at work its complicated, some people (like me) are really frustrated as others wont do their actual work as we think it is their work, there is a lot of frustration and disapointment and I still think no course wont heal it. But we have to think about it until the end of the week. Not to mention we already had a course to cure "teamwork" but after it, it was worse than before. Its like inventing the wheel again *sigh*

take that are back as fab 5 … i dont want it, am I selfish? I love robbie solo … I so not liked the last album of take that (actually the last robbie also) arg … we will see it at the end of the year i think, if they sound like 1995 maybe i will like it, and maybe this is the only chance to see robbie live again *sigh* and if its really for 12 months than i can live with it as long as their doing it because they want it, not just because to well get some more money

well thats all for now, I hope to blabla more often and maybe i will do it in german, as my english sucks big time when it comes to express my feelings