well its lunch time and I´m not hungry *lol* so here is a little rambling about blah blah

I adopted 2 fanlistings yesterday … finished them and got them up last night
Backstreet Boys – One in a million
Backstreet Boys – Any Other Way
If you are a fan, go and join *lol*

the last 2 weeks were well work and then laziness at home. When I’m in the mood I will revamping my bedroom but at the moment I will just hang out on the couch read or watch tv, dont know whats wrong. I´m even to lazy to do something creative at the pc like vreating new wallpapers or icons… damn and I should have posted some articles at ebay but laziness knows me by name *har har* the only thing i did yesterday was colouring my hair as the highlights were 8 months old and i looked like a sea pig
yesterday I watched Mario Barth just because of Robbie Williams. And squee its like being 12 again when I watch  hi, gosh I so want to see him live again.
psst At work I searched for some concerts to go this year, but nothing really … I hope i can attend at some festivals like here here here … they are all free and not that far away from me
It took over half an hour to write this, why?

oh and now ‚m hungry