my tv is gone for good. 10 years, 5 new flats, 3 different cities and now its gone … 2 weeks too early as my x-mas money arrives 1st dec. > so over 2 weeks no TV for me, that sucks big time, I´m so broke … so more time to play around my site (i changed the layout and added an icon gallery, to suite with wordpress, more to follow)

I was home in Leipzig last weekend (6.11.-9.11.) and had a blast >>>

partied with Granny
jumped with Carlo
watched one of the lousiest movies called "All inclusive"
lost my wisdom tooth after too much pain, too much tears and too little narcosis and a big big hole in my mouth with a scar > but self pity was gone today, I can eat properly now again

in that order

now I´m off to twitterland, have to organise it a little bit (groups)

next week I will see the Backstreet Boys *scream*