I made a friends and community cut, got rid of a lot of comms (almost 2/3) I never posted or which have not been updated for ages …
so dont be offended *makes puppy eyes* my friends page is still 2 much for me … esp. with those communities like dean_sam and lion_lamb

I also cleaned my delicious account … and twitter also … its like i have to do house work and what do i do? cleaning the internet profiles and stuff like that *har har*

the next few days I´m more offline. Real life keeps me away *lol* tomorrow i will see James Morrison ♥ and from thursday on my mom and granny will be here for a week and my only escape is work when they are here, the rest of the day i have to keep them entertained. So not much from me until the 3rd. august. And As I´m a person without kids and have no holidays I can do the late shift at work *grmpf* a few times