Damn I wish those few days wont be over …

my days in Leipzig


After 5 hours on my butt, sitting and bored to death i arrived in Leipzig. Mom and Sister came to catch me. A lot of bubbling, blablabla and the day way over 😉


First i went to the dentist, lost one tooth *lol* the 2nd wisdom tooth, after that i was at my tax consultant, I hope I will get the amount we calculated back 😉 that would be brilliant. I visited the hairdresser and then made a big shopping tour with my best friend.


the Backstreet Boys are in Town ;)))


I visited the Zoo and catched nearly all feeding stations, the best one was the feeding the lions oh and the bathing elephants.


family day without my sisters fiancee but with my fave food *lol*


Moms Day
We met